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Jan 18, 2013 6:00pm PST
king junior. the keeper of the papers head of the research and education institute. what i wanted to ask him was if they could have met, what would he have to say to the president about guns and violence? in our society. >> he was just 19 years old on a hot august afternoon, listening to martin luther king describe his dream for america he was back to ask barack obama to take his oath of office and wondered what now? >> what is i going to do to bring king's dream into reality? >> carson leaves dr. king would urge the president to take on harder issues, under lying gun violence. >> problem is not availability of guns. >> i think what he would point out is that people don't kill other people when they have hope. >> king would call for gun control but he also called on americans to see themselves part of one community. >> when do white americans care as much about the death of a black child as a white child? would the response of the nation have been the same if that happened in a black school? i would hope so. but as we know, the death of black children on a daily, weekly basis doesn't
Jan 15, 2013 6:00pm PST
overhaul of college as we know it. how california is trying to make higher education more affordable. >> we're live tonight in san francisco international airport. the idea of a name change has little lit up conversation on the abc 7 news facebook page. >> if you're tired of the cold snap, so, we all set? i've got two tickets to paradise! pack your bags, we'll leave tonight. uhh, it's next month, actually... eddie continues singing: to tickets to... paradiiiiiise! no four. remember? whoooa whooaa whooo! you know ronny, folks who save hundreds of dollars by switching to geico sure are happy. and how happy are they jimmy? happier than eddie money running a travel agency. get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. >>> sky 7 live over the mission district. the s.w.a.t. team and hostage he s.w.a.t. team and hostage suspect out of the home. >> this is the 20th avenue and anza street in richmond no. word on what the man did that brought police to his door, police say he barricaded himself inside and refused to come out. >> they're not saying if he is armed
Jan 17, 2013 6:00pm PST
. >> model of higher education is broken. it's true. going forward what we do about it, what kinld of design change is feesible that, remains to be seen. >> over time, we're going have to do some things differently. if we stand still, we can get behind. >> the assembly speaker told the regents the state ability to help them out of spots will be limited for the for seeable future you can't blame for asking. and the truth is that we have to find alternate sources of revenue. >> whatever decision they make it's the student, it's in their hands. >> shifting teaching to online courses is now a front runner as an idea to bring down costs. students saying okay but we prefer those online courses to be just a supplement not a replacement to classroom teachings. in mission gay bai, abc 7 news. >> some residents are playing a big part pat president's inauguration. one aco-chair, another running social media sites for the joint military coalition protecting the president. mark matthews is here now. >> out of the 300 million already eight civilians invited to be co-chairs of the inauguration. a young wom
Jan 16, 2013 6:00pm PST
fun. this is "jeopardy!" here are today's contestants -- a special education teacher from rochester, new yo a retired proofreader and editor from chicago, illinois... and our returning champion, a strategic analyst for nasa, from huntsville, alabama... [ applause ] and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thank you, johnny gilbert. ank you, ladies and gentlemen. two weeks from now, we will begin our annual tournament of champions. and if kristin keeps winning, she will be and thed in that tournament of champions. joan and james, welcome aboard. good luck. pick up your signaling devices, because you're going to work right now, in the first round of play, the jeopardy! round, and here are the categories. you have to name the n for us, of course. we have... and finally... you have to name the bird found within the text of our clue. kristin, start. let's begin with rewritten novel endings for $200, please. kristin. what is "moby-dick"? that's the novel. l endings for $400.
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4